Our Story

Teeth as sharp as a shark, but sweet as a doodle – that’s a Sharkadoodle!

What do we do? Sharkadoodle creates fun and unique custom designed home decor and accessories for dog lovers. Our products allow you to feature your fur baby on various products ranging from “life is ruff before coffee” mugs, “wine not" tumblers, and “get it done” mouse pads, to jazz up your daily routine. 

Why Sharkadoodle? Sharkadoodle was inspired by our sweet boy Marshall, a Sheepadoodle we got home in 2019. As a puppy, Marshall loved to bite and nibble things with his sharp teeth. Our family always joked that he was half shark/half poodle, and we called him a Sharkadoodle. Marshall is a very loving pup. Even today, he is 80 pounds and still loves to sit on our laps to cuddle. There is nothing more fun than watching Marshall fetch a tennis ball in a pool like a shark. He makes us question if a Sharkadoodle is a real thing. Marshall has brought us so much joy through his clownish playfulness, unconditional love and loyalty.

What is our mission? Our goal is to build a brand that celebrates the love and joy between you and your “Sharkadoodle.” We want to create fun, playful artwork to capture your pups’ special moments, and record their life adventures that truly make you smile. We want to share and promote their unique story to this pawsitive and fun community we’re building together.

Meet Marshall, Head of PR:

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